Executive Summary

Annually since 2001, Dominican Volunteers USA (DVUSA) has recruited, placed, and trained between 10-20 men and women to serve the needs of the economically disadvantaged and the marginalized. Dominican Volunteers serve for a year in distressed urban neighborhoods all around the United States. In 2011, DVUSA AmeriCorps members will provide academic instruction to at-risk youth, help the unemployed find jobs, and provide support in numerous other social services. As a faith-based program named for St. Dominic de Guzman, Dominican Volunteers live in intergenerational residential community with Dominican sisters who serve as civic engagement mentors. The average mentor has three decades experience in social justice work and holds multiple Master's degrees in fields like education or social work. Their guidance helps volunteers realize as they complete their service that true service is never complete.

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1914 S Ashland Ave

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