Executive Summary

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Zenith Learning Centers to provide high quality care and an educational program within a warm, secure, non-discriminatory environment ensuring each child advances to his/her potential in all areas of development leading to a successful transfer to School.


The Centre aims :

* To form warm relationships with each child in their care, so that all children can develop to their optimum potential through being valued as individuals, shown equal respect and acceptance of their individual needs and abilities.

* To provide opportunities for children to develop positive feelings about themselves as individuals and in groups.

* To achieve effective management of the Centre, staff and children maintaining high staff in-service and training.

* To develop ongoing communication and interaction between home and our Centre.

* To consult with families about the care of each child and will encourage parents to participate and share in Centre activities.

* To encourage parents to share some aspects and experiences of culturally diverse backgrounds.

In regards to the children we:

* provide an environment where the individual's needs are met.

* provide a safe and secure environment that enhances the children's independence, initiative and self worth.

* provide a supportive and caring role in enhancing the child's strengths, competence and self esteem.

* provide an environment in which children are treated as individuals and allows them the opportunities to develop to their full potential.

* provide a balance of activities where children can be active participating learners with the opportunity to experiment, explore and make self-discoveries.

* provide activities that allows for free choice and develops decision making and other specific skills.

* provide an environment where children's self help skills are encouraged to enable them to become self sufficient individuals.

* provide a fun environment where play is valued as a learning experience.

* provide modeling and age appropriate techniques for peaceful resolution of conflict.

* provide an anti-biased environment where children are not discriminated based on gender, race, religion, age or language.

* provide a multicultural perspective within the environment in order to respect cultural diversity.

* provide children with basic techniques and skills for the development of self discipline.

In regards to families we:

* provide basic support through the provision of high quality care, resources and education.

* provide a warm caring and supportive environment for every child.

* provide a positive relationship based on trust and open communication ensuring confidentiality is maintained.

* provide an environment where families feel secure in the knowledge that their children are well cared for.

* provide services to families with different economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds; preventing segregation on the basis of any of these factors and always respecting the individual rights of all families.

* provide an open door policy in where parents are welcome at all times.

* provide a service which is responsive to the needs of families.

* provide opportunities for parents and staff to work as a team tapping into the strength of both to develop a responsive program suitable to the needs of families.

* provide avenues for the Centre to liaise with community agencies, services and resources to further meet Centre and parent needs.

Administration Structure

Zenith Learning Center is a non-profit, interracial Learning Center.

Zenith Learning Center is licensed by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.

Contact information

9303 W Sam Houston Pkwy S
Ste 155
77099 - 5204

(713) 988-9600


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