At a time of increasing reports of anti-Asian racism and violence, I want to emphasize that targeting the Asian community—and Asian women in particular—is an evil that cannot be tolerated.

It has been strikingly clear that more needs to be done to protect Asian Americans from heightened levels of hate, discrimination, and violence; this week’s event is a painful reminder of that.

Each and every day, AmeriCorps members, volunteers, grantees, and staff demonstrate the best of America and unite communities, building strong bonds only created while serving shoulder to shoulder. I believe this work—our work—is part of the solution to address and correct our country's racial biases and facilitate healing for communities and individuals who have been marginalized throughout our nation’s history.

These truths don’t lessen the sadness, shock, and fear you are feeling, in particular for our colleagues, members, and partners who are part of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. All of us must work daily to counter hate and to eliminate bias. And to demonstrate that America can be more than these senseless, intolerable acts of violence.

We see you, and we know this year has been unbelievably difficult. Our leaders remain committed to supporting you; please reach out to your AmeriCorps colleagues on ways we can provide support.

AmeriCorps condemns violence and racial bias against any community, including the Asian American community. We are here for you, and through working together, I believe at my core that we can build a better, more just nation for all.