Private-Public Partnerships

AmeriCorps partners with the private sector, nonprofits, higher education, and state and local government to leverage resources for our programs and extend more opportunities for Americans to serve.

National service programs operate as a public-private partnership.  Most organizations that receive our grants are required to obtain matching funds or in-kind resources from non-federal sources. Those matching funds often are provided by the private sector, foundations, or partnerships with other non-profits, higher education, and public sector funding like state and local government or school districts.

Corporate Sponsors

AmeriCorps is ready to collaborate and help you utilize national service as a solution to vital community needs. Our agency can also accept and use donations. This includes cash, in-kind donations and donations of services.

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Federal Partners

National service can help other federal agencies meet important challenges faced by communities. We are ready to partner with you to engage AmeriCorps members in meeting your goals.

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Employers of National Service

Employers of National Service connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with employers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Through this initiative, employers have increased access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees, and national service alumni have increased opportunities to apply their skills in the workplace.

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Schools of National Service

Schools of National Service recognize that individuals who serve in AmeriCorps bring tremendous value to higher education and other post-secondary experiences. Their leadership skills and commitment to civic engagement benefit the institution, other students, and their community. In recognition of the value of their service, Schools of National Service provide incentives and awards that encourage AmeriCorps alumni to attend their institution. 

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President’s Service Volunteer Award

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. The President’s Volunteer Service Award program is a great way to honor this American tradition and thank those who, by demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. 

The award recognizes individuals, families, and groups who achieve a certain number of service hours within a 12-month period. The award also can be given for cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime.

The award is earned by:

  • Youth, age 14 and under, who complete 50 or more hours of volunteer service;
  • Individuals, age 15 and older, who complete 100 or more hours; and
  • Families or groups who complete 200 or more hours.


Lifetime achievement is recognized with a special President's Call to Service Award, which honors those who complete more than 4,000 hours of service over the course of their lifetime.

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Harris Wofford Joint Service Award

In honor of Harris Wofford, whose contributions helped establish the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps programs, our agencies are recognizing individuals who have successfully completed both a full-time service term or its equivalent in AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps or Peace Corps Response.

The Harris Wofford Joint Service Award, established in November 2020, recognizes and honors individuals who have served in both programs since their respective inception in service to our country.

Learn more about former Senator Harris Wofford and his contributions to both AmeriCorps and Peace Corps.

To earn this award, you must have completed service in AmeriCorps and Peace Corps or Peace Corps Response and completed the application form on this page.  The criteria for each program are outlined below.


  • An AmeriCorps member who has completed at least one, full-time (1,700 hours or one year) term of service or its equivalent, including in AmeriCorps NCCC, AmeriCorps NCCC-FEMA Corps, AmeriCorps State and National, or AmeriCorps VISTA,
  • An AmeriCorps member who has completed part-time or reduced part-time service that adds up to one, full-time term of service,
  • An AmeriCorps member who has completed at least 50% of a full-time term of service and exited for a compelling reason (therefore earning a prorated education award), or
  • Anyone who completed AmeriCorps VISTA pre-1994 who meets the above requirements.


Peace Corps

  • A Peace Corps Volunteer who completes the full two-year tour of Peace Corps service or is otherwise given “completion of service” (COS) status,
  • A Peace Corps Volunteer who is medically separated,
  • A Peace Corps Volunteer who is given “interrupted service” status because of circumstances beyond their control, or
  • A Peace Corps Response or Global Health Services Partnership Volunteer who completes twelve months of service within a twenty-four-month period.


Application for the Award

When should I apply for the award?
You can apply for this award throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed annually. To be considered for that year’s award, you must apply by June 30 of that calendar year.

When will I receive the award?
Awards will be conferred annually in the fall. Awardees will be contacted by email to receive their virtual award badge.

Please note that you do not have to apply for this award immediately upon completion of service in both programs. You may have served at any time to apply for the award.

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The above video may include external links to YouTube’s video platform. YouTube’s privacy and security practices and policies may differ from AmeriCorps'. AmeriCorps is not responsible for these links nor does it endorse the content of the third-party website. Find out more.