A Lifetime of Service: Veterans Serve Through AmeriCorps Seniors

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Yesterday was Veterans Day, an annual opportunity to express our gratitude to the courageous men and women in uniform who have given so much to our nation. Our veterans know the meaning of service, sacrifice, and camaraderie, and their experiences enrich the lives of their communities long after they leave the armed forces. Many veterans choose to continue to give back: often to their communities, but sometimes to each other, as well.

Even Amidst a Pandemic, Veterans Never Stop Serving

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Earlier this week, AmeriCorps CEO Barbara Stewart held a video conference with veteran AmeriCorps members to learn about their service with Washington Vet Corps and the Mt. Adams Institute in Washington. Whether continuing their service to our country on college campuses or public lands, the veterans serving in AmeriCorps have adapted to the changes caused by COVID-19.

It takes an important commitment to community and others to put service before self. Recently, AmeriCorps CEO Barbara Stewart and Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Earl Gay, the AmeriCorps advisor for veterans and veteran-service organizations, had the honor of meeting a special cadre of AmeriCorps members who chose to do so twice. 

Support Our Heroes this Veterans Day

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Serving those who served us and engaging the talents of our veterans and military families is a top priority here at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers serve more than 600,000 veterans and their families across the United States. This service  includes numerous innovative partnerships with the Veterans Administration (VA) team.

Our commitment to our veterans and their families is deep and reciprocal: We serve them…and help them to serve with us.

Summertime and the Great Outdoors

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This annual celebration of outdoor activities and their benefits has grown from a week-long celebration in 1998 to cover the entire month of June. Whether you are into fishing, camping, hiking, biking, or other outside pursuits, there are plenty of places to enjoy them. You could spend all summer exploring some of the 419 locations in the National Park System, or visit some of the thousands of state and local park facilities near you.

Standing with Our Elders to Prevent Abuse

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Elder abuse takes many forms — physical, emotional, financial, and sexual — and can come at the hands of strangers, family, and trusted caregivers or advisers. Studies estimate that 10 percent of America's seniors experience some kind of abuse and neglect, although it's generally agreed that incidents are under-identified and under-reported. For example, the New York State Elder Abuse Prevalence Study found that for every case known to programs and agencies, 24 were unknown.

Combating Social Isolation with Service

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More than 80 percent of volunteers surveyed reported feeling healthier and less socially isolated after serving in Senior Corps. Older adults are more likely to face physical, financial, or social barriers to volunteering, but Senior Corps provides opportunities that accommodate exceptional needs and make it possible for seniors to reengage as active community members.

The Benefits of National Service

Life Lessons in Mentoring from a Military Leader

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Admiral Gay (pictured above, right) is the Senior Advisor for Wounded Warrior and Veterans and Military Families Initiatives at CNCS and says a lot of what he does is rooted in establishing trust, building relationships, and leading change, all of which fall under his concept of mentorship.

These traits come naturally to the Admiral as a leader of men and women in the armed forces. He willingly shares his life story, using wall-mounted photos of family and friends to illustrate his points, “I like people to have the whole story; it extends an arm of trust.”