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Introductory Remarks: Dr. Andrea Robles, Research and Evaluation Manager, ORE, CNCS


NCCC Presenters:

  • Tanya Gipson-Nahman, Deputy Region Director for Programming, NCCC Pacific Region
  • Amanda Cochran, Assistant Program Director, NCCC Pacific Region
  • Kevin Anderson, Program Associate (Social Media/Recruitment), NCCC

VISTA Presenters:

  • Craig Kinnear, Program & Budget Analyst, VISTA
  • Melissa McNeily, Program Impact Specialist, VISTA

University of Nevada Reno and NCCC Pacific Region:

  • Dr. Melissa Gouge, Research Analyst, ORE
  • Dr. Jennifer Willet, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Tanya Gipson-Nahman and Amanda Cochran


Which CNCS program is the most appropriate for helping your community meet its needs? How can you get started? A number of research grantees are asking for information about our CNCS programs.

Our CNCS programs are excited to discuss how to work with our research grantees and their community partners to implement action plans. Each CNCS program is organized differently and has somewhat different goals, therefore, we decided it would be useful to hear more details about each of the programs, how to become a member or sponsor for each program, and the benefits.

For this first Q&A session, we have asked staff from AmeriCorps NCCC and VISTA to give brief presentations and answer any specific questions you may have.

Closing Remarks: Dr. Melissa Gouge, ORE

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