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Recently, President Biden called on Americans to come together in service to counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety. This giving season, join with AmeriCorps to answer the president’s call to create a more united, stronger nation by donating the gift of time. 

Why Give Time 

When it comes to giving your time, no gift is too small because every act of service makes a difference. Whether it’s two hours volunteering at a food bank, 20 hours organizing a park clean-up, or 1,700 hours serving as a mentor with AmeriCorps, every second counts.  

In addition to positively impacting others, volunteering is a mood booster, skill builder, and people connector. Research conducted by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Exeter found volunteering reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure. According to another NIH study, volunteers are more likely to live longer than non-volunteers. Serving others also promotes human connection, a greater sense of purpose, and more happiness over time.  

AmeriCorps members and volunteers routinely find opportunities to develop new skills, make professional connections, stand out in the job market, and increase employment opportunities. Volunteering is a multi-purpose tool that allows people to find common ground and bridge divides. 

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How You Can Give Time  

You can start by addressing a vital need in your community, like expanding access to healthy, fresh food or creating safe, green spaces. Or find a cause that matters to you. Whether you’re serving as a tutor to close the gap in our education system or restoring a trail to reduce wildfires and fight the climate crisis, you can make a difference in many ways.  

5 Ways You Can Take Action  

  1. Nominate your favorite volunteer as an AmeriCorps Uniter. Learn more about the qualities of uniters and how to submit a nomination at 
  2. Give your time this Giving Season, on MLK Day 2023, or throughout the year. Find in-person or virtual opportunities at
  3. Host a service project in your community on MLK Day 2023. Find resources, tips, ideas, and more at
  4. Encourage your network to do good this giving season on social media and in person. Follow @AmeriCorps on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for ideas and great content to share with others.    
  5. Get the latest news on service and volunteerism. Sign up for emails with United We Serve at
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Be The Change  

Coming together to tackle a shared obstacle helps communities overcome differences and become stronger and more unified. Giving season is the time to lead by example and be the change you want to see in the world. The time you give can fuel your passion and help embed service into everyday life for all Americans. Get started at