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AmeriCorps Staff

Channel your passion into service, kickstart your career, and leave a lasting impact.

Many of us share a common goal to make a difference in the lives of others. But too often, resources like time and money prevent us from stepping up. Besides, with so many options, where do you even start?

AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors connect millions of Americans like you to organizations addressing local challenges with local solutions. And the best part? Not only are there thousands of opportunities, but you also can earn benefits like money for school and hands-on experience that supports your career or retirement goals. Whether you're fresh out of school, have a few years of work experience under your belt, or are retired, you have a place at AmeriCorps. Through these programs you can serve where and how you want to. Whether you want to commit to a year of service or have a more flexible schedule, you decide where and how you serve. You can even tailor your service experience to match your interests and skills, ensuring that you get the most out of your national service journey.

But why choose AmeriCorps? It's simple: You’ll join more than 200,000 other individuals who are committed to making a difference.

AmeriCorps members serve in FEMA Corps program, support disaster recovery efforts across the nation

AmeriCorps offers a range of exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth—from gaining valuable skills and experiences to building lifelong friendships and connections. Whether you're helping to build homes for the homeless, tutoring youth in underserved communities, or providing disaster recovery services, you'll be making a tangible difference in the lives of others.  

How to Start Your Service

  • Find a cause that fits your values. AmeriCorps serves communities through six key focus areas: education, economic opportunity, disaster services, environmental stewardship, healthy futures, and veterans and military families.
  • Choose the time commitment that works for you. Service ranges from a few weeks in the summer to a full year or longer.
  • Earn benefits like an education award, a modest living allowance, career development, and access to a network of alumni of 1.25 million strong. AmeriCorps also partners with 900+ Schools and Employers of National Service who value the skills you learn through national service.
  • Turn your determination, compassion, and creativity into practical solutions for neighbors and strangers alike. 

No matter which service pathway you choose, you will be making a difference and creating a future for yourself with AmeriCorps.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear about the power of service from some of our members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers.

Choose FEMA Corps

Meet Bella, an AmeriCorps member serving with FEMA Corps. After her own experience evacuating during a hurricane when she was a child, she decided she wanted to serve in an emergency management capacity. Bella gained valuable leadership skills while overseeing a team of AmeriCorps members.

“I really wanted to be able to guide people and develop through this program [FEMA Corps]. My leadership skills will take me far and wide with any position I choose and I feel I’m developing more as a leader every day,” said AmeriCorps member Bella. 

Did you know? More than 20 percent of AmeriCorps members serving in FEMA Corps have been hired as FEMA employees since 2013 and as of mid-2020, more than 600 FEMA Corps alumni are working for the federal agency.   

Choose AmeriCorps VISTA 

Makeilah joined AmeriCorps VISTA – AmeriCorps program that helps alleviate poverty – after graduating from college with a degree in business administration and sports management. Not only did Makeilah find a career path through her service, but she also had the opportunity to leverage her passion for tennis to find her dream.

“This is my first opportunity out of college, getting into the real world. It’s been great to have opportunities to develop hard and soft skills, and also use the things that I’m already good at, strengthening them, as well as working on things that I'm not as strong in.”  

AmeriCorps VISTA has more than 7,000 members who serve to alleviate poverty, supporting organizations to make sustainable change in underserved communities. Through partnerships with organizations and members of the community, they build up our nation by fundraising, grant writing, researching, volunteer recruitment, and other traditional office activities. Every day, our members in the VISTA program positively impact those they serve. 

Choose AmeriCorps State and National 

Serving with an AmeriCorps State and National program puts you in an environment that propels your personal development, opens diverse career paths, and promotes lifelong civic engagement. With the State and National program, you can choose what area to focus on – from helping veterans to conservation efforts to helping your community get healthy.

AmeriCorps members serving with Health360, Inc. made the choice to change their lives, promote America’s wellness, and kickstart their public health careers.


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Choose AmeriCorps Seniors

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer Candace provides a weekly visit to offer assistance and friendship to fellow older adults who have difficulty with daily living tasks, such as shopping, visits to doctors, and other essential tasks. Candace has her own physical challenges, but her clients express admiration that she doesn’t let that slow her down. She gladly takes older adults who have special needs and serves them with cheerfulness, patience, kindness, and understanding.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to serve other seniors. You can see that even being in a wheelchair, you can serve. Any way you want to serve is perfectly okay,” said AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer Candace. 

More than 140,000 AmeriCorps Seniors commit to making a positive impact in their community and transforming the lives of those they serve, like Candace: 

  • For more than 50 years, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in the RSVP program get things done across the nation by managing volunteers, helping serve at food banks, and providing disaster awareness.
  • Volunteers serving in the Senior Companion program befriend older adults and assist with daily living tasks such as transportation to appointments, cooking meals, and more to allow them to better maintain independence and age with dignity.
  • Through the Foster Grandparents program, one of AmeriCorps Seniors’ oldest programs, volunteers connect with children, students, and younger adults, taking on pivotal roles to help shape future generations. 

Whether you are a senior in high school and ready to choose your future to kickstart your career, or an older adult ready to make a difference in your community, AmeriCorps has a place for you. Join AmeriCorps and help us make a difference, one local solution at a time.