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Twenty-two years ago, on September 11, America faced one of its darkest days. Despite this tragedy, Americans united across divides to help the families of those lost, assist the injured, and do whatever they could to help. Now, on 9/11, we continue to pay tribute to those we lost and the many who stepped forward in the aftermath through acts of service. As one community, we packed meals, cleaned up neighborhoods, assisted first responders, and recommitted to being there for one another.  

AmeriCorps Leads the Charge Across the Nation 

AmeriCorps members, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers, staff, and community volunteers across the country were fired up and ready to serve:

  • Anchorage, Alaska: Our members joined President Biden at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson to pay tribute to 9/11 heroes.  
  • Baltimore, Md.: John Lira, AmeriCorps advisor for veterans and military families, served alongside The Mission Continues to beautify community spaces and clean the headstones of our fallen soldiers.  
  • California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania: Sonali Nijhawan, AmeriCorps State and National director, Flor Romero, board member, and Mary Bilecki, legislative correspondent, joined state commissions to bolster food security at meal packing events. 
AmeriCorps members on 9/11 Day in Alaska
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AmeriCorps members join President Biden on 9/11 Day
AmeriCorps member with The Missions Continues
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AmeriCorps members serving with The Missions Continues
Flor Romero and Charlie Day at meal packing event
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Flor Romero, board member, and Charlie Day at meal packing event.
Senior Leader Sonali and Serve Illinois
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Sonali Nijhawan, AmeriCorps State and National director, joins Serve Illinois after meal packing event.

AmeriCorps CEO Honors 9/11 Day 

In Washington, DC, AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith joined 9/11 Day and Serve DC at the Capital Area Food Bank to pack meals. Together with volunteers across the country, they packed more than 6.5 million meals to address hunger in communities.  

“We can never get back what we lost on that terrible day. And with the rubble long removed and memorials standing proudly, 9/11 — and the lessons we learned in its wake — will always be part of who we are as a nation,” said Smith in The Messenger.  

Read more from Smith on the impact of service on 9/11 Day.  

AmeriCorps Alumni Channel Their Grief into Service  

It's hard to imagine the 9/11 attacks inspiring someone to serve, but that's exactly what happened with AmeriCorps alumni Cait and Kevin. Both lost their fathers on that day but found ways to heal through service. Cait chooses to remember her father by inspiring others to give back and doing what her father loved – helping others in need.  


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And Kevin continues to honor his father's memory by working with nonprofit organizations to lift up fellow New Yorkers and Americans to a better and brighter future. Read more of his story in People. 

Thank you for serving this 9/11 Day

9/11 Day serves as a reminder that what unites us will always triumph over what divides us. Whether you cleaned a public space, signed up to become a mentor, or assisted unhoused veterans, every good deed, big or small, counts. Thank you to everyone who showed up in force to engage with your community while honoring the memory of those we lost. We invite you to continue to channel your determination and compassion into practical solutions for neighbors and strangers, alike.  

Did you show up for your community on 9/11 Day of Service? We’re always looking for service stories. Please share your story on our website or tag AmeriCorps in your social media posts.