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Older Americans Month is a time to spotlight the impactful contributions older adults make in the lives of the people and communities they serve.

Every year, more than 143,000 older Americans serve through AmeriCorps Seniors, in addition to the thousands that serve through AmeriCorps’ other programs. Older adults serving in AmeriCorps harness their life experience and dedication to tackle our nation’s toughest challenges, including isolation and loneliness, food security, education, public health, and financial exploitation and scams.

Older Adults Tackle the Nation’s Most Pressing Challenges

ACS volunteer

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer serving in tax assistance program 

From tutoring and mentoring to addressing public health needs, expanding economic opportunities for Americans, and more, older adults serve in AmeriCorps programs and make a difference in communities. AmeriCorps Seniors, one of the oldest programs in national service, empowers older Americans to serve in their communities, transforming the lives of those they serve. For nearly 60 years, older adults have served their nation through AmeriCorps Seniors’ (formerly known as Senior Corps) three signature programs. 

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in the RSVP program use the skills and talents they have learned throughout their lives to make a difference, while also developing new skills as they serve their community. They help recruit and manage other volunteers, support workforce development, provide disaster preparedness and mitigation assistance, serve veterans and military families, and address other critical community needs.

Volunteers in the Senior Companion program support older adults and those with disabilities to live independently and reduce social isolation and loneliness. They assist with daily living tasks, provide companionship, assist with transportation and light chores. They also provide respite to family caregivers, perform basic wellness checks, and alert medical professionals if needed.

Through the Foster Grandparents program, volunteers connect with children, youth, and young adults. This intergenerational program engages volunteers in providing one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, and social-emotional support. Volunteers serve in schools, early education centers, hospitals, juvenile justice facilities, or afterschool programs to help guide students to higher academic achievement and social-emotional develop, building life skills.

Transforming Lives Through Service


AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in the RSVP

The service that older adults perform through AmeriCorps Seniors has a dual impact. While communities benefit from older volunteers’ time, skills, and experience, volunteers reap extraordinary health benefits from serving.

A growing body of research points to significant mental and physical health benefits of volunteering, including lower mortality rates, increased strength and energy, and fewer physical limitations.

AmeriCorps found that volunteering significantly benefitted older adults. After only one year of volunteering:

  • 84 percent of volunteers reported improved or stable health.
  • 88 percent of volunteers reported decreased feelings of isolation.
  • 78 percent felt less depressed.

With one in every five Americans projected to be 60 or older by 2030, it is more important than ever to ensure older adults have options to remain active and engaged in their communities, and volunteering is one of those options. Older adult volunteers build social networks, develop friendships, and find purpose through AmeriCorps Seniors and other volunteer programs.

Service as a Second Act

Through volunteering, older adults have the opportunity to start their second act. Not only can they leverage their work experience to support their community, but older adult volunteers can also expand their economic opportunities and build pathways to employment. 

In 2022, AmeriCorps Seniors launched the Workforce Development Program to enhance opportunities for older adults to participate in national service activities and gain the skills needed to transition back into the workforce or change careers. Through the program, AmeriCorps continues to positively impact communities and enhance the lives of volunteers in a new and tangible way. It supports older adults in using and developing their skills to serve their community and find financial security as well as new purpose.

Celebrate Older Americans


AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer serving in the Foster Grandparent program

During AmeriCorps’ 30th anniversary, join us and the nation in honoring older adult volunteers and the positive impact they make by using their time, talents, and wisdom to strengthen, inform, and connect our communities.

Celebrate the hundreds of thousands of older Americans who engage in national service with AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs, as well as the thousands of others who volunteer every day and get things done for America.