I’m pleased that the House of Representatives has passed the bipartisan GIVE Act -- legislation to usher in a new era of service in this new century. I want to applaud all those who have worked so hard to see this bill through the House, and I am eager to see the companion legislation, the Serve America Act, passed through the Senate so I can sign it into law.

This legislation will help create new opportunities for millions of Americans to serve their communities and help us meet our most pressing challenges, from rebuilding our schools to providing opportunity for those in need, from helping America’s veterans to helping get us on the path to energy independence. At this moment of economic crisis, when so many people are in need of help and so much needs to be done, this could not be more urgent.

We know that government alone is not the answer to the challenges we face. It will take all of us taking our share of responsibility. And while government can provide the opportunities to give back to our communities, as I hope it will through this legislation, it is up to each and every citizen to seize those opportunities. It is up to every one of us to do his or her small part to make the world a better place.