Investment creates better support for members and team leaders, reducing barriers to service for young adults  

WASHINGTON, DC— AmeriCorps announced today increases in the member compensation for those serving in AmeriCorps NCCC. The funding will support at least 1,200 individuals serving in NCCC and FEMA Corps programs.  

“We have all witnessed how AmeriCorps members serving with NCCC are essential in addressing our nation’s most pressing needs, from addressing climate change to responding to crisis, preparing communities for natural disasters and protecting the environment,” said Michael D. Smith, CEO, AmeriCorps. “As we face the daunting inequities exposed and exacerbated by the pandemic, AmeriCorps members have been there every step of the way, and we will continue to be. Raising the living allowance, reducing barriers to service, and creating meaningful economic and educational pathways from service is what it will take to combat recruitment challenges, ensure AmeriCorps looks like America, and create significant and lasting impact for children and families.”   

The change increases the member compensation package from $11.33 to $12.60 per service hour. Team leader compensation packages will increase from $16.63 to $17.60 per service hour. The six-percent increase, combined with an allowance increase in 2021, adds 10 percent more support to members serving with NCCC over the last two years.   

In addition to a living allowance, AmeriCorps NCCC also established a new health care allowance. The initiative increases team leader and Corps member health benefits, reflected as an increase in living allowance of $15 per pay period. The investment addresses the increasing costs of individual hygiene, personal care items and health insurance co-pays.   

“AmeriCorps NCCC is thrilled to announce a series of increases to our member compensation package,” said Ken Goodson, director, AmeriCorps NCCC. “From raising the living allowance to launching a new health care allowance and having the program begin absorbing the cost of emergency leave travel, we believe these steps are critical to demonstrate our commitment to our amazing members, as well as to reducing barriers to participation in the NCCC program for young adults across the nation.”   

The increases will become effective August 13, 2023. Learn more about serving with AmeriCorps NCCC at