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The word "squibbing" in Cambria, Calif. honors volunteers Paul and Louise Squibb, known for tidying up the town.

Beautify Cambria Association

General volunteer

We are proud to have AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program who lead MLK Day service projects and continue their environmental education in the Yavapai County community!

Arizona Serve AmeriCorps VISTA

AmeriCorps grantee

Therese found direction in her career goals and will use her education award to help achieve those goals. She is in the process of applying to law school and is eager to practice employment law, civil rights, and community economic development.

Therese Goding

AmeriCorps member

"My year serving with AmeriCorps NCCC in the Pacific Region left me with fond memories, valuable lessons, and lifelong friends."

Aven Gehlert

AmeriCorps member

In September 2022, staff at Elder Care Services came together to clean up the street that we adopted from the City of Tallahassee. It was also a great team building exercise, and we committed to continue this project once every four months.

Elder Care Services

AmeriCorps Seniors grantee

"This work keeps me connected to people who have faced or are facing significant obstacles in their lives. It is a tremendous joy that adds purpose and satisfaction to my life."

Andy Berman

General volunteer

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