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Submitted by nicky.campbell on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 09:50

Featured story

AmeriCorps made it possible for me to pursue my passion: environmental conservation. It provided me with the hands-on experience that I needed to advance in the field.

Seven thousand eight hundred fifty-five hours later, Tom is still at it! In spite of some of his volunteer activities being limited due to the current pandemic, he has continued to deliver much needed food to our community.


Tom Thousand

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

In 2010, Dolores and Martin almost missed the Volunteer Appreciation Tea because they had to finish volunteering at the hospital before they attended.


Martin & Dolores Steiner

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

When we are in the car spending time together, it doesn’t matter if we make one delivery or six. It’s a way for us to get out of the house and do something that helps.


Steve Delman & Ava Reinfield

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Cindy joined the Phone Pal program in March of 2019 as a volunteer. She developed such a strong connection with her client, that the client in turn, was inspired to become a Phone Pal himself.


Cindy Williams

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

AmeriCorps [...] showed me I was capable of doing work much more difficult than I believed I could, and it also made me realize my days are not truly fulfilling unless I am actively working to serve those in my community and in my country.


Josh Cunningham

AmeriCorps alumnus

My VISTA service has taught me skills that will stay with me for a lifetime and I appreciate this opportunity every day!


Halima Hamud

AmeriCorps alumnus

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