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Joseph, a Marine Corps veteran, serves in AmeriCorps through Teach For America, teaching math in a high-need school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Joseph’s two-year commitment to Teach For America has provided him an accelerated pathway toward a career as an educator.  Joseph finds special meaning and value in serving impoverished youth because he grew up under similar conditions, and he views his AmeriCorps service as an opportunity to honor the dedication and sacrifice of 16 Marines from his unit that didn’t make it back home.  He says, “I carry their memory with me every day in the classroom as I fight today to end educational inequity…  I am a proud member of AmeriCorps; I served America, now I teach for America. Semper Fidelis!”

"My time in the Marine Corps… molded me into a warrior and into a man of conviction. I wear that pride on my sleeve as I continue to serve as a teacher in one of the highest needs areas in the country – Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my service in the classroom, where my experience can impact the lives of children who deserve a quality education."