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Principal Investigators: Dr. Anjali Dutt and Dr. Farrah Jacquez, University of Cincinnati, Department of Psychology

Community Partner: Bryan Wright, Cincinnati Compass

Title: Civic Action for Refugee Empowerment in Cincinnati (CARE Cincinnati)

According to estimates, Greater Cincinnati has approximately 25,000 refugees, with 200-300 new refugees resettling in the area every year. The Civic Action for Refugee Empowerment in Cincinnati (CARE Cincinnati) project is bringing together researchers, refugees, and community partners to explore strengths in the Cincinnati refugee community that can be harnessed to actualize community identified goals and identify empowering changes that can be made to promote civic engagement.

In this participatory research and action project, refugees in the Cincinnati region are developing and enacting an agenda for increasing civic engagement in our community. The collaborative research team has developed research tools to identify areas of focus and strength.

The research team will analyze and interpret the results to collaboratively plan follow-up actions. The overarching goal is to develop an agenda for inclusive civic engagement by and for local refugees, and a series of actions that serve the entire Cincinnati community.

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