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Join the AmeriCorps CEO, the Office of Research and Evaluation, alumni and grantee guests, and Results for America as we celebrate AmeriCorps at 30, share evidence of impact, and reflect on the evidence building activities at the individual, organization, local community and societal levels.

Date and Time: Thursday, September 28, 3-4:30pm EST


In the past decade, AmeriCorps, its grantee and sponsor organizations, Commissions and the AmeriCorps Office of Research and Evaluation research grant recipients have generated a wealth of evidence on AmeriCorps programs, interventions, civic engagement, and national service.  In 2023, in a celebratory moment honoring 30 years of results driven service, the Office of Research and Evaluation synthesized key themes from studies produced by or for AmeriCorps from 2017 to 2022 with the goal of describing the state of the evidence where the agency seeks to make an impact. This 2023 State of the Evidence report highlights the investments AmeriCorps regularly makes in evidence building through funding and technical support that aligns with the agency’s learning agenda and mission to achieve results driven service.

Webinar Objectives 

Our audience will learn:

  • About the AmeriCorps framework built and the synthesized results that instruct our understanding of the impact of our evidence-building and research activities and inform our decision-making processes, 
  • From reflective moments how AmeriCorps makes a difference in the lives of individuals and communities by transforming federal resources into actionable problem solving for good, and 
  • How AmeriCorps increases public confidence and public trust by acting as a catalyst for civic engagement and as good stewards of public funds.




Webinar Date

September 28, 2023 - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone)