Jobs at AmeriCorps

What kind of jobs exist at AmeriCorps? AmeriCorps is focused on our volunteers and service members, but there is an entire team of staff supporting those members at our headquarters and around the country.

  • Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility has employment opportunities in the areas of equal opportunity employment, civil rights, education, and more.
  • Office of the Chief Risk Officer has employment opportunities in employee risk management, payment integrity, improper payment and compliance, internal controls, finances, data and analytics, and more.
  • Office of Communications and Marketing has employment opportunities in the areas of content development, marketing, branding, public affairs, and more.
  • Office of General Counsel has employment opportunities in law, knowledge management, ethics, and more.
  • Office of Research and Evaluation has employment opportunities in program research, evaluation, statistics, and more.
  • Office of Human Capital (Human Resources) offers employment opportunities in project management, employee relations, personnel security, training and development, policy, benefits and retirement, recruitment and staffing, and more.
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer has employee opportunities in auditing, accounting, financial management, payroll, and more.
  • Office of Informational Technology has employment opportunities in data analysis, data policy, application development, customer support services, cyber security, web and security engineering, and more.
  • Office of Procurement Services has employee opportunities in contracts, acquisitions, procurement, and more.
  • Office of Grant Administration has employment opportunities in grants management, program analysis, grants support and training, and more.

AmeriCorps Benefits

An Inclusive Work Environment

AmeriCorps has eight affinity groups to join and participate. An affinity group or employee resource group is a collection of individuals who share a common identity characteristic, which can be a wide range of things. The unifying characteristic is usually something that’s traditionally underrecognized and can make the people in that group feel isolated. AmeriCorps has the following affinity groups:

  1. AmeriCorps Young Professionals
  2. Asian American and Pacific Islander
  3. Actively Black
  4. Disability Action Group
  5. Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership and Advancement
  6. Military, Veterans, and Family Members
  7. Pride AmeriCorps
  8. Women in National Service

“I love working at AmeriCorps! I care about serving my community and enjoy working in the food pantry each week. The fact that my employer not only allows me to take time off for volunteering but encourages me to do so is powerful. It helps me to know that my decision to join AmeriCorps was a great one!” - Stacie

Stacie works in the Office of Human Capital as a human capital specialist.

Exclusive Leave for AmeriCorps Employees

Employees receive up to four hours a month for volunteer leave and receive three-hour early dismissal the workday before federal holidays.

Employee Assistance Program

Legal services and discounted referrals: The Employee Assistance Program provides a range of legal services. EAP can provide local attorney referrals. You can speak with a referred attorney initially for free, receive discounted extended services, and more.

Financial advisor services: Financial advisors can provide financial management strategies and a range of tips, tools, and suggestions to use in planning your finances.

Confidential counseling services: Counseling for you and your family at no cost to you. EAP has a nationwide network of highly qualified licensed professional counselors. EAP’s licensed counselors provide counseling by phone or in-person. Services are confidential.

Worklife services: AmeriCorps employees can receive kits with tips, information, and products for free. These kits pertain to: prenatal, child safety, college, wellness, and adult caregiver. This also includes a concierge service where employees are able to task someone else with making calls and doing research for you.

AmeriCorps Pay Band Comparison

AmeriCorps Pay Band 2023 GS Grades
NY-1 GS 1-6
NY-2 GS 7-10
NY-3 GS 11-13
NY-4/NX-1 GS 14-15

Federal Employee Benefits and Leave

Federal Employee Benefits

Federal Employees Health Benefits

Federal employee health benefits provide comprehensive health insurance. You can choose from fee-for-service plans, health maintenance organizations, consumer-driven plans, and high deductible health plans. Your premiums for your enrollment are shared by you and AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps pays approximately 70 percent of the insurance premium.

Read the Federal Benefits Fast Facts

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

Federal employee group life insurance provides group term life insurance. You are automatically covered under basic life insurance unless you choose to waive that coverage. The basic life insurance equals your annual rate of basic pay, rounded up to the nearest $1,000, plus $2,000. AmeriCorps pays one-third of the premium cost.

Learn more about Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

Federal Employees Retirement System-Further Revised Annuity Employee

You are required to participate in the government’s defined benefit plan, called FERS-FRAE. You will contribute 4.4 percent of your base pay into the plan per pay period. This plan will pay you a monthly pension based on your years of service and your high-three average salary when you retire (assuming you meet the plan’s age and service requirements) for life. Should you not meet the requirements to receive a monthly pension, you can apply for a refund of your contributions. Your contributions to the plan are shown on your pay statement. To be entitled to a pension, you must have at least five years of government service under FERS-FRAE.

Explore the Retirement (FERS) Information

Thrift Savings Plan

The Thrift Savings Plan is tax-deferred retirement savings and investment plan that offers Federal employees the same type of savings and tax benefits as most 401(k) plans. You are automatically enrolled and will contribute five percent pre-tax dollars each pay period. Three percent of your contribution is matched by the federal government. The next two percent is matched at 50 cents on the dollar.

Learn more about Retirement Services

Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program

FEDVIP is a dental and vision program available to you as a federal employee. FEDVIP offers 12 dental plans and five vision plans.

Visit BeneFEDS or
Call 1-877-888-3337

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program helps with activities needed due to illness, injury, or aging. You, your spouse, adult children, parents, stepparents, and in-laws are eligible to enroll.

Explore the Federal Long Term Care Program

Flexible Spending Accounts

FSAFEDS allows you to save money for healthcare expenses with a Health Care Limited Expense FSA or for dependent care. Consider it a savings account that helps you pay for items that are not typically covered by your FEHB plan, dental and vision, or other health insurance coverage.

Learn more about Flexible Spending Accounts

Federal Leave

The following federal leave entitlements are available for federal employees:

  • Annual leave, sick leave (general), sick leave for family care and bereavement, sick leave to care for a family member with a serious health condition, sick leave for birth or adoption, leave sharing, family and medical leave, military leave, court leave, excused absence for returning reservists, funeral leave, and more.

The following leave is available for medical purposes:

Annual, sick, family medical, leave bank, and leave transfer.

The following leave is accrued annually:

Employees earn annual leave each pay period based on years of creditable service.

Creditable Service– Accrual Rates:

  • Zero to three years* 13 days per year
  • Three to 15 years* 20 days per year
  • 15 or more years* 26 days per year

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