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AmeriCorps Staff
AmeriCorps member smiling

What’s at my core? What drives me? What matters? 

Those are questions so many Americans asked themselves this past year.  

What really matters when the whole world is turned upside down is what’s at your core. For Americans, we are at our best when we come together for a common cause. While unprecedented in many ways, the coronavirus pandemic is no exception—Americans from coast to coast are doing what we always do—finding a path forward, together.   

At its core, AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and community volunteerism brings Americans—young, old, from every state and territory—together to serve their communities. To tackle tough problems with sustainable, creative solutions. And we do it because it’s who we are. Over the last year, AmeriCorps members have provided vital support, community response, and recovery efforts in response to the pandemic. Members supported more than 11 million Americans, including 2.3 million people at vaccination sites and extra support to increase the capacity of state, local, and FEMA supported centers. 

And we aren’t just helping folks get vaccinated.  

AmeriCorps Seniors Bill and Barb deliver meals to their neighbors

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers Bill and Barb are helping feed neighbors in need by delivering meals. 

AmeriCorps Member Alexis at her desk

AmeriCorps member Alexis gives back by helping neighbors impacted by COVID-19 find a way to make ends meet.  

AmeriCorps Member Mushfequr works at laptop

And Mushfequr, an AmeriCorps member who is driving change by guiding students through their college applications. 

Each of these AmeriCorps members and volunteers put their values—determination, compassion, hope—to work to help friends, family, neighbors, and complete strangers in their communities, mentoring students, fighting climate change, combating hunger, serving homebound neighbors, and so much more. 

Your community needs you, too. If you are waiting for someone to ask, we’re asking. Please find an AmeriCorps opportunity your community to help us move forward together. 

Like our campaign stars, you can use your passion to serve others and make real, meaningful change in your neighborhood. Right now, hundreds of thousands of members and volunteers serve with AmeriCorps to address some of our country’s toughest challenges. 

So we at AmeriCorps ask you this same question: #WhatsAtYourCore?  

Equity. Compassion. Hope. Those characteristics, and countless others, drive many of our AmeriCorps members to serve.  

Join AmeriCorps and use your core values to make a lasting difference. 

Whenever you are ready to answer the call to serve, AmeriCorps is ready for you.