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Submitted by mbrodbeck on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 14:34
California Climate Action Corps fellows after completing a community composting project last month.

Civilian Climate Corps Programs Take Off in States Across The Country

Maxine Joselow
The Washington Post | October 14, 2022 

President Biden took office with plans to launch the first-ever Civilian Climate Corps, a federally funded initiative aimed at employing tens of thousands of young people to fight climate change. Across the country, states have launched similar programs to hire young people to tackle climate issues within their borders.

Read more on The Washington Post

We cannot miss this big moment for national service

Opinion by John M. Bridgeland and Mary Ellen Sprenkel
The Hill | Oct. 13, 2021

And the Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps) has decades of experience in running national service programs. Read more in The Hill.

With New CDC Partnership, AmeriCorps’ COVID-19 Adviser Envisions a First Step in the ‘Future of Public Health’

By Gaby Galvin
Morning Consult | Oct. 8, 2021

About 5,000 people will support coronavirus recovery in state and local public health departments, filling a need “more urgent than ever,” Karen Dahl says. Read more in Morning Consult.

New AmeriCorps Program Aims to Train Next Generation of Health Leaders

By Talal Ansari
Wall Street Journal | Oct. 8, 2021

Public Health AmeriCorps, launched Wednesday, comes as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to strain public-health and healthcare systems and workers across the U.S. amid a fresh wave of infections. Read more in the Wall Street Journal. 🔒

A year of service for all: The key to rebuilding the fabric of our nation

Opinion by Elizabeth Young McNally
The Hill | Oct. 2, 2021

...young Americans work closely with teammates with meaningfully different lived experiences, serve in locations different from where they came, do work that is larger than self, and accomplish difficult feats. Read more in The Hill.

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