About 9/11 Day

Two decades ago on September 11, 2001, many lost their lives to the 9/11 attacks. To honor the spirit of sacrifice made that day and the sacrifices that continue to be made by members of the armed forces and their families, we honor those heroes by uniting in service and volunteerism throughout our communities. 

Beginning in 2002, family members who lost loved ones lead the effort for an appropriate and fitting tribute to honor their loved ones and those who volunteered to serve our country in response to the tragedy. The leadership and efforts of these family members resulted in the legislative establishment of the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance in April 2009. AmeriCorps was charged with supporting this effort across the county.

Each year, AmeriCorps works with 9/11Day.org, our grantees and partners, faith-based, local, and national organizations to expand volunteering to honor the sacrifice of the families affected by September 11, 2001.

This year, the 9/11 Day of Service is Monday, September 11. You and your partners are encouraged to engage in service on this day and the days surrounding.

Communication Resources

Access our social press kit to find messaging, communication resources, social media, graphics, and more.

Project Ideas and Tips

Find self-starter project ideas, tips, and resources to get started planning your 9/11 Day project below. Consider adding a moment of silence to your project to honor those we lost and their families.

Remember to register your service project with us so we can help spread the word about your event and inspire others to serve.

Assist with Job Readiness

Help people in your community get job ready:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Dressing for success
  • Research training programs
  • Help individuals complete a job application or application for a training program

Address Food Insecurity

  • Serve meals at a homeless shelter
  • Bring meals to homebound neighbors and consider signing up to be a regular volunteer with local meal delivery services like Meals on Wheels
  • Organize a food drive or even start or plan a community garden. When organizing a food drive make sure to check with you local food pantry or food bank to see what’s needed.
  • Teach healthy eating on a budget

Promote Healthy Futures

Beautify the Community

  • Remove graffiti from a building and paint a mural
  • Create community green spaces by planting trees, grass, and flowers, especially in locations that may lack adequate green space
  • Reclaim a park or abandoned space for community use
  • Become a volunteer with a local, state, or national park

Prepare the Community for Emergency and Crisis Situations

Support Those Recovering from Disaster

The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster serves as a clearing house for anyone who wants to help communities and individuals recover from disasters. Learn about what you can do.

Provide Other Community Service to Neighbors and Families

  • Help low-income families find free tax preparation services and take advantage of the earned income tax credit
  • Shovel elderly neighbors' walkways, clear leaves or help with other yard maintenance
  • Participate in or create a neighborhood watch program
  • Install smoke detectors or distribute batteries and install new batteries for those who have detectors. (Check with your local Red Cross and/or Fire Department to understand the greatest need.)
  • Weatherize homes (Local churches may have a good idea of community members who need assistance.)
  • Collect school supplies and deliver them to a local school (be sure to check what is needed first COVID-19 may have changed what schools need)
  • Sign up to be a mentor or tutor (this can be done virtually)
  • Check with your local fire station and see if you can organize a fall clean up or serve them a meal
  • Arrange a visit to a veterans’ center. You can also check with the center to see if they need personal care items and launch a collection drive
  • Arrange a visit or a virtual visit to a senior citizen center or send cards to residents/clients of a senior center


  • Veteran-Focused Project Ideas and Resources for 9/11 Day of Service
    Tuesday, June 13
    This veterans-focused webinar shared 9/11 Day of Service project ideas and resources. Special guest Conrad Washington, director of the Veterans Affairs Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, discussed benefits and services for veterans and what you can do to aid their resiliency.
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  • Climate-Focused Project Ideas and Resources for 9/11 Day of Service
    Tuesday, June 20
    This climate-focused webinar will share project ideas and resources for 9/11 Day of Service. Presenters will discuss how organizations can organize projects and share information that will help communities combat climate change and preserve the environment.
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  • Bridging Project Ideas and Resources for 9/11 Day of Service
    Tuesday, June 27
    Learn how you can develop projects to support unity and bridge divides in our communities. We will share opportunities for organizations to focus on understanding and healing the divisions existing in our society. Get the tools and resources you need to help implement projects in your community.
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  • General Project Ideas for Engaging in 9/11 Days of Service
    Tuesday, July 11
    This webinar will provide ideas and resources from various organizations about service projects you can launch. From implementing a coat drive to addressing hunger, there are many 9/11 Day of Service project models for you to replicate- to serve your community.
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  • Tools and Resources to Promote Your 9/11 Day of Service 2023
    Thursday, July 27
    The Tools and Resources to Promote Your 9/11 Day of Service 2023 webinar will provide participants with the tools and resources needed to promote your day of service on social media, key messages for marketing, and sample materials to communicate to volunteers, residents, and elected officials. You’ll learn about our one stop for promoting the day of service.
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  • Effective Practices for Volunteer Management
    Tuesday, August 10
    This webinar will focus on processes organizations can use to recruit, track, engage, and retain volunteers. Presenters will share essential volunteer management tips to develop and maintain effective, passionate, and dedicated volunteers.
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