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For young adults who want a hands-on service experience and the chance to work with multiple sponsor organizations to meet a variety of community needs. The traditional corps can help you become adaptable and flexible, and will introduce you to exciting professional paths. If you choose to serve as an AmeriCorps NCCC member in the traditional corps program, your term will last 10 months for members and 11 months for team leaders. You’ll need to be 18-26* years old upon arrival to be a member or at least 18 years old to be a team leader (there is no upper age limit to serve as a team leader and you do not need prior NCCC experience to serve in this role).

You'll work on at least three different projects in different states and cities with multiple sponsor organizations to meet a variety of community needs in the areas of energy conservation, infrastructure improvement, natural and other disaster services, and urban and rural development. 

In Summer 2024, the 'Traditional Corps Serve with a Friend' initiative debuted as a pilot program. The initiative will not be continued into Fall 2024.


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AmeriCorps members in the NCCC program

NCCC Position Options


Members are assigned to a regional campus to complete initial training and to receive team assignments. Diverse teams of 18-26* year-olds work under the direction of one team leader and complete the service term living and serving together. Members are responsible for completing Corps Training Institute, earning 1700 service hours, participating in physical training, and contributing to various team activities. Apply to serve as a Corps Member this fall.

Team Leader

Team leaders are assigned a team of eight to 10 members. This role is not a staff position; however, team leaders are expected to guide and support the team throughout the service term. Team leaders are responsible for completing Team Leader Training, prior to member arrival. Team leaders conduct daily team activities and serve as the liaison between the team, the project sponsor, and AmeriCorps NCCC staff. Please note anyone may apply to be a team leader. Prior service experience is not required. Apply to serve as a Team Leader this fall.

Join NCCC Traditional Corps

PositionApply by:Start Term:Train in:
Fall Team LeaderMay 31, 2024Mid-Sept. 2024Aurora, CO or Sacramento, CA
Fall Corps MemberJune 30, 2024Mid-Oct. 2024Aurora, CO or Sacramento, CA
Winter Team LeaderJune 1 - Sept. 30, 2024Jan. 2025Vinton, IA
Winter Corps MemberJuly 1 - Oct. 30, 2024Feb. 2025Vinton, IA

Need help with the application? Check out our How to Apply section for step-by-step instructions on applying to AmeriCorps NCCC.

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Benefits and Eligibility

Benefits and Eligibility
Learn about the benefits during, and after, your service term with AmeriCorps NCCC. Find out more about the requirements to serve as a team leader or member.

Resources for Members and Supporters

NCCC Member Wellness Resources
Health and wellness resources for NCCC members.

Parents and Educators
Help spread the word about AmeriCorps NCCC opportunities.


How to Apply
Step-by-step instructions on applying to AmeriCorps NCCC.

Hear From Current Members and Alumni

"NCCC has been preparing me to work in a team environment. A lot of skills like communication and holding accountability determine how a team succeeds and accomplishes its goal. You also learn your role in a team and how that impacts its effectiveness.” - Emma
AmeriCorps Member, AmeriCorps NCCC, Traditional Corps

“Since joining NCCC, I’ve become more confident in how I speak and express myself to others. I’ve met incredible people and built relationships with my teammates and others, that I know will last a lifetime.” - Chet
AmeriCorps Member, AmeriCorps NCCC, Traditional Corps

"My favorite experience in NCCC has been traveling to different cities and states and meeting new people. I lived in Atlanta, GA, my whole life, and this was the first time I was away from home, and I got to see firsthand how different people live." - Heavynleigh
AmeriCorps Member, AmeriCorps NCCC, Traditional Corps


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