The Foster Grandparent Program provides grants to organizations with a dual purpose: to engage Americans 55 years and older in volunteer service and to provide one-on-one support to children with special needs to improve their academic, social, or emotional development. The volunteers in this program help children learn to read and provide one-on-one tutoring; mentor trouble teenagers and young mothers; care for premature infants or children with disabilities; help children who have been abused or neglected.

Foster Grandparent Programs help kids learn through a variety of different ways.

Examples of Foster Grandparent Programs

Assisting and supporting children and/or teens with schoolwork through one to one tutoring at local schools or community centers
Providing mentoring to teens at local schools
Serving homeless children and youth at local community centers


AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteers

  • Grantees can recruit individuals for this program that are 55 and older
  • Volunteers for this program mentor, teach, or act as role models to young people in the local area
  • Volunteers are eligible to receive a stipend for their volunteering if they meet income eligibility requirements

Eligibility Requirements

If you are part of a national or local nonprofit, school, government agency, faith-based or community organization, you can apply for resources through one of our programs.

Responsibilities and Expectations of Grantees

  • Ensure resources are providing supportive services and companionship to children with special and exceptional needs
  • Develop strategies that respond to community needs using volunteers in the Foster Grandparent program
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Manage and place volunteers in local organizations

How to Apply

1. Determine If Your Organization Is Located in an Area Where Funding is Available

AmeriCorps Seniors periodically holds competition in certain Geographic Service Areas to expand the Foster Grandparent Program.

2. Submit an Application Online

Use eGrants to submit an application. The application will ask for organization information, narratives about the project, budget information, performance measures, and supporting documentation.