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"If you have the desire to help your neighbor and serve your country, then look no further." Andrew Hoan is an AmeriCorps VISTA alum who was recently named the President & CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, continuing his commitment to serving others. Andrew spent his year of service with The New York Legal Assistance Group in 2004.

Q&A with Andrew

Q: Tell us a highlight of serving with AmeriCorps VISTA.
A: Being able to serve Brooklyn and New York, the greatest city on the planet, and make an impact on everyday people's lives.

Q: How did your AmeriCorps VISTA experience impact your life and career?
A: I not only learned professional acumen and the soft skills that every employer needs, I was given a first-hand introduction to the needs of my community and subsequently the tools to help. Additionally, the culture of service to others is a translatable skill that everyone should learn regardless of their chosen career path. AmeriCorps VISTA allows its volunteers to satisfy their own eagerness to better the world while simultaneously training them to understand the fundamentals of what makes organizations function at their best.

Q: What advice do you have for currently serving members?
A: Enjoy every minute of it while you learn the nuts and bolts of how organizations work. If you can have an understanding of how to administer, then the world will open up to you.

Q: What advice do you have for individuals considering service?
A: There are many paths to serve this great country, none more impactful to the communities right here in the United States than AmeriCorps VISTA. If you have the desire to help your neighbor and serve your country, then look no further.