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Cindy Williams serves as AmeriCorps Senior RSVP Phone Pal Volunteer Project Manager.

Phone pals provide homebound elders & individuals with disabilities with companionship by regularly calling on the phone in an effort to decrease feelings of social isolation and loneliness. Volunteers follow protocol if recipient does not answer phone at the scheduled time and communicate concerns to the site coordinator as needed.

Cindy joined the Phone Pal program in March of 2019 as a volunteer. She developed such a strong connection with her client, that the client in turn, was inspired to become a Phone Pal himself. Her strong relationship with her client is a benchmark that we want fellow volunteers to aspire to. Cindy attended multiple Phone Pal Case Reviews, and her unique insights and ideas for Phone Pal engagement led us to identify her as a potential replacement for project manager, who was leaving.

Cindy’s ability to connect with both clients and fellow volunteers has been a tremendous asset to the Phone Pal program during the recent COVID-19 health crisis. She checks up on current volunteers, follows up on client well-being, and matches all the new volunteers. She does this all while maintaining a wonderful sense of humor and engagement that people respond to.

Cindy’s leadership and support has been especially needed during these uncertain times. The Phone Pal program continues to be a crucial service as we provide companionship and support to clients who are likely to be feeling more isolated than usual. Over the past 3 weeks, we have added nearly 20 volunteers to the program, with another group waiting to be trained. Cindy’s leadership and support is a tremendous asset as the Phone Pal program grows to meet the needs of our expanding Meals on Wheels clients.