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Kenneth is an AmeriCorps member who lends his efforts to projects such as “Together We Prepare” with the American Red Cross.

Originally from Flint, Mich., Kenneth became an AmeriCorps member to help his community in need. He wanted to become an example to others, like himself, who grew up in poverty and encourage them to also help better their community.

Today, Kenneth serves as a disaster preparedness educator where he educates students, families and adults how to be safe in the event of a disaster such as a home fire, tornado, and floods.

“Serving has become an effective way to help save lives in the community I grew up in. It taught me the importance of giving back to a community that has provided me so much while growing up. Which is why I recruit volunteers from the community I grew up in and share how rewarding it is to help others as they know my story of growing up in poverty. I want to spread the message from homelessness to hope and allow them to see how I am part of the change as an AmeriCorps member.”