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The Office of Research and Evaluation explored the evidence that tells a story of how National Service contributes to workforce readiness. This final webinar in our series titled 30th Anniversary celebration of AmeriCorps’ Evidence Story showcased what AmeriCorps has learned from workforce specific research, practitioner and program models, and the assessment of ten years of participant data.

Date and Time: Thursday, June 13, 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST


For an individual, work is economic opportunity; for a community, a thriving workforce is a driver of a local economy. For both, national service is a viable pathway to enhance the continuum of workforce development strategies in the United States by providing opportunities for an individual’s investment in themselves to develop the strategic knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a 21st century workplace. Participation in AmeriCorps-funded programming contributes to the development of workplace skills and competencies, and the practice of utilizing those skills. AmeriCorps can improve a member or volunteer’s personal growth and fulfillment, career development, civic engagement, career exploration, and work-based learning. And to a community, AmeriCorps is a valuable resource that enhances capacity, solves locally identified challenges, and could address skill gaps in the local labor market.  

Webinar Objectives

  • Showcase the diverse evidence and data supporting a service-to-career workforce pathway,
  • Share analysis of the life, career development, and leadership skills learned through national service participation, and 
  • Highlight national service and our partners as part of the local workforce ecosystem.


  • Melissa Gouge, PhD, Senior Program Evaluator, AmeriCorps
  • Jennifer Crittenden, PhD, Associate Director for Research, University of Maine Center on Aging 
  • Shane Dermanjian, MS, Research Analyst, AmeriCorps
  • Tonya Gayle, Executive Director, Green City Force
  • Shontanyce Bailey, Alumni, Green City Force
  • Domingo Morales, Alumni, Green City Force
  • Jenna Cushing-Leubner PhD, Associate Professor of World Languages and Culture, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Pang Yang, Program Director Lub Zej Zog Project, Executive Director MN Zej Zog
  • Reflection: Bee Vang-Moua, Director of the Hmong Program, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Department, University of Minnesota

Webinar slides

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Webinar Date

June 13, 2024 - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone)