SCALER: Planning your next steps

Now that you have completed the SCALER, we hope you have gained insights into your organization’s readiness for scaling an effective intervention to improve the lives of more people. In reflecting on your scores on the SCALER, you might want to work with other personnel at your organization to identify next steps to strengthen your scaling readiness.

Below are some discussion questions that can help you and your team members assess your scores and identify next steps to take after completing the SCALER:

Assessing your results

  • In what areas are we the strongest? In which areas do we appear to need more work? Are there specific SCALER items on which we should concentrate our efforts for improvement?
  • Do we need additional information to complete any parts of the SCALER? Are there any items we don’t know the answers to? If so, how can we go about identifying the information needed for those items?
  • In what areas or conditions, if any, do we have differences of opinion? What information can we draw upon to resolve those differences?

Next steps

  • Who are the stakeholders (such as organizational leadership or external stakeholders) with whom we should discuss these results?
  • What next steps should we take to identify or build evidence of intervention effectiveness, or strengthen our scaling readiness, as appropriate? Which steps are highest and lowest priority? What is our timeline for taking action?
  • What partners could we bring in to build capacity in certain components? Should we seek to identify new partners to help gain this capacity?

Your SCALER results are intended to reflect your organization’s scaling readiness at this moment in time. As you make progress toward identifying or building evidence, or addressing the scaling readiness conditions, you may want to return to the SCALER to update your information. In general, completing the SCALER two or three times a year can help you and your team members track your organization’s scaling readiness over time.

Bring these discussion questions to your next team meeting

This downloadable guide contains the above discussion questions. Completing this guide can help you and your team members identify actions to take to strengthen your organization’s scaling readiness.

SCALER Discussion Guide (PDF), opens in a new window