AmeriCorps Partnerships and Programs Across Indian Country

National service and volunteerism are deeply woven into the American fabric, spanning every state, U.S. territory and an ever-growing number of Native Nations and native-led entities/organizations. AmeriCorps’ is committed to honoring our obligation to federal trust responsibility and strengthening our nation-to-nation relationships.

Through national service, AmeriCorps provides the opportunities for Indigenous communities to address their unique priorities by leveraging the power of people and culture of service that has existed since time immemorial.

AmeriCorps funding allows us to serve our children and elders here at the Zuni Indian Reservation; our programming is leading towards happiness and preserving our language and culture while providing our elders companionship. / Annette Quam, AmeriCorps Senior Volunteer Coordinator, Pueblo of Zuni
AmeriCorps visits the Shiwi Ts'ana Elementary School in New Mexico

Grant Opportunities

While Native Nations, Alaska Native Nations, and native-led entities/organizations are eligible to apply to all AmeriCorps’ funding opportunities, we have two opportunities specifically for federally recognized tribes and tribal organizations that are controlled, authorized, or chartered by federally recognized tribes. AmeriCorps’ Native Nations Grants include three-year operating grants, which engage AmeriCorps members in time-limited-service commitments and one-year planning grants to develop programs that implement evidence-based solutions to community needs.

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National Service Spotlight

Native American Community Academy Inspired Schools Network

AmeriCorps members serving with the State and National program participate in this school-based network in New Mexico to provide resources, technical support, and a framework for successful and culturally relevant indigenous education.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium

AmeriCorps members serving with the VISTA program support the consortium by providing staff to help develop programs to influence public policy on American Indian higher education issues through advocacy, research, and program initiatives, and promote Indigenous languages, cultures, communities, and tribal nations.

Boys and Girls Club of The Flathead Reservation in Montana

The AmeriCorps NCCC program, the only residential service program for young adults 18-26, helped the Boys and Girls Club with their expansion of their clubhouse, enabling the organization to serve up to 200 kids daily from the Polson and Ronan School Districts during the school year and youth from virtually every community on the reservation in the summer.

Native Nation and Native-led Grantees