In honor of Harris Wofford, whose contributions helped establish the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps programs, our agencies are recognizing individuals who have successfully completed both a full-time service term or its equivalent in AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps or Peace Corps Response.

The Harris Wofford Joint Service Award, established in November 2020, recognizes and honors individuals who have served in both programs since their respective inception in service to our country.

Learn more about former Senator Harris Wofford and his contributions to both AmeriCorps and Peace Corps.

To earn this award, you must have completed service in AmeriCorps and Peace Corps or Peace Corps Response and completed the application form on this page. The criteria for each program are outlined below.


  • An AmeriCorps member who has completed at least one, full-time (1,700 hours or one year) term of service or its equivalent, including in AmeriCorps NCCC, AmeriCorps NCCC-FEMA Corps, AmeriCorps State and National, or AmeriCorps VISTA,
  • An AmeriCorps member who has completed part-time or reduced part-time service that adds up to one, full-time term of service,
  • An AmeriCorps member who has completed at least 50% of a full-time term of service and exited for a compelling reason (therefore earning a prorated education award), or
  • Anyone who completed AmeriCorps VISTA pre-1994 who meets the above requirements.

Peace Corps

  • A Peace Corps Volunteer who completes the full two-year tour of Peace Corps service or is otherwise given “completion of service” (COS) status,
  • A Peace Corps Volunteer who is medically separated,
  • A Peace Corps Volunteer who is given “interrupted service” status because of circumstances beyond their control, or
  • A Peace Corps Response or Global Health Services Partnership Volunteer who completes twelve months of service within a twenty-four-month period.

Application for the Award

When should I apply for the award?
You can apply for this award throughout the year, and applications will be reviewed annually. To be considered for that year’s award, you must apply by June 30 of that calendar year.

When will I receive the award?
Awards will be conferred annually in the fall. Awardees will be contacted by email to receive their virtual award badge.

Please note that you do not have to apply for this award immediately upon completion of service in both programs. You may have served at any time to apply for the award.

Your story should include the following:

  • Your legal name when you served in AmeriCorps and Peace Corps; 
  • The year(s) of your AmeriCorps service; 
  • The state of your AmeriCorps service;
  • The years of your Peace Corps service
  • The country of your Peace Corps service, using the country name at your time of service; and, 
  • A short statement (100 words or less) about your most important or meaningful contribution during your service.
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