Approved by OIRA 3045-0143 exp 3/31/2025
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Section II: Commitment Level

Detailed Description

Provide a detailed description of what your institution is offering for the Schools of National Service Program. This language will be posted on our website and should clearly outline your institution’s commitment to AmeriCorps members and alumni. Include any benefits that your institution will offer to AmeriCorps members and alumni, as well as the dollar match for Segal AmeriCorps Education awards, if applicable. For a list of incentives an institution might provide,please see here.

There are many options for becoming a School of National Service. However, educational institutions that select to match the Segal Education Award must provide a minimum match of $1,000 to be listed on the AmeriCorps website as a Schools of National Service matching institution. A dollar for dollar match is the preferred level of commitment from schools that participate in this program benefit.

Match Percentage

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is tied to the maximum amount of the U.S. Department of Education’s Pell Grant. Refer to FAQs for more information. 

*Only AmeriCorps alumni who earned a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award are eligible for this program. To qualify for Segal AmeriCorps Education Award matching under the Schools of National Service Program, AmeriCorps alumni must have successfully completed their full term of service.

Section III: Commitment Timeframe

This commitment to AmeriCorps is valid from the date of signature on this agreement until terminated or modified. 

If the institution needs to terminate this agreement, AmeriCorps must be notified to in order to delete the website listing; otherwise students will continue to contact the institution. AmeriCorps reserves the right to delete the website listing for any institution not in compliance with the Schools of National Service Program requirements.

Commitment Timeframe
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